The Farm : El Arriero

Study visits are primarily intended to give children the opportunity to have a practical vision on a topic worked during classes. In our first study visit, both Nursery and Pre Kinder, went to the farm “El Arriero”.

In this study visit, the pupils  had the opportunity not only to walk but interact in a free but responsible way with the animals that not always are near to them.

The first stop was to the area where the baby animals were. Here we stopped to hug and learn a little bit more about the animals such as rabbits, ducks and chickens. Our pupils had lots of fun petting the different animals.

Then, our pupils went to feed the birds and milk the cow. They were very surprised how big the cow was and that it didn’t have any teeth.

The study visit also gave the pupils the opportunity to pretend to be farmers. They learnt how to plant some seeds . Finally they were also able to pretend to be bakers as they prepared their own bread to take home..

It was a very nice study visit where our pupils got to see different animals, plant seeds and make bread.