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Welcome to St. George's College! - Admission Process 2020

Many thanks for your interest in St. George’s College.  It is very important for us to be able to offer to you all the information you may need in order to reach such an important decision as selecting the right school for your child. We believe that a child’s education is a task to be shared both by the family and the school and, therefore, it is important that we work together with your child’s education and wellbeing in mind.

Before you start the registration process, we suggest that you carefully read the information that can be found in our web page, such as our school’s mission and vision, our strategic objectives and our student’s and family’s profile. You will also find information about our programmes, our school calendar and the most important activities to be carried out throughout the school year.

We hope that our web page will assist you in getting to know St. George’s College better and help you reach the right decision.

Please find below details of our 2020 Admission Process for the grades of Nursery, Prekinder and Kinder. For any further information, please  contact


Range of ages:  

Nursery: child must be 3 years old by 31st March in the year of application

Prekinder:  child must be 4 years old by 31st March in the year of application

Kinder:  child must be 5 years old by 31st March in the year of application 

Assignment of available vacancies:

The following priority criteria will be taken into account when families apply for a vacancy: 

  1. Families with children already studying at St. George’s College, so that they can be kept together.
  2. Families with a direct association with the school such as managerial, teaching and administrative staff, as well as alumni’s children.
  3. Families that share the vision and mission of our school and, therefore, the same beliefs and values as those proposed by the school.

Application procedures:

1. If you already belong to our school, please use your username and password in order to registeras a candidate.  You can use either the father’s or mother’s password.

If you are new to the school, first you must register by entering to our web page. You will then receive a username and a password via e-mail which will help you to continue with the process.

2. Complete the Candidate’s Application Form on-line.  Once the form is completed, you will receive a confirmation message online and a message via e-mail.

3. Once the Candidate’s Application Form is complete, you will have access to the following documents, which you must download, print, complete and deliver to the school inside an A4 manila envelope

    • Family Survey: you will need to include a family picture with every member of the family who lives with the candidate, as marked in the form.
    • 2 Family Presentation Letters: these letters must be completed by two families who already belong to the school.
    • Pre-school Reference Letter / School the candidate attended in the past: this document must be completed, signed and sealed by the pre-school or school that the child attended, except for children applying to the grade of Nursery. If you wish, that document can be handed in by the pre-school or school itself directly to our school’s reception, during the established dates and times, or they can be sent via e-mail to

4. The following documents must also be included in the envelope: 

    • Coloured photocopies of the candidate’s and parents’ DNI/Passport/Carnet de Extranjería.
    • Candidate’s birth certificate (original).
    • Parents’ civil marriage certificate (optional).
    • Any agreements in relation to tenure, custody and maintenance (if necessary).
    • Financial information on both parents:

Dependent employees:

      • Copies of pay slips for the last three months.

Independent employees:

      • Proof of income for the last three months.
      • Tax returns presented to the SUNAT.
      • PDT IGV- Renta for the last three months.
    • Three (3) coloured passport photographs of: (1) the candidate, (1) the candidate’s mother (1) the candidate’s father (please write full names on the back of the photos).
    • Photocopy of the proof of payment of the Candidate Application Process.

5. This envelope must be delivered to the school’s reception from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., from Monday to Friday.  Documents will only be received by the school; there will be no room for inquiries at this stage.  If you have any doubts, please contact

6. The school will certify that all the necessary documentation is complete and will send confirmation via e-mail.  Only those envelopes with complete documentation will continue through the process.  

7. If there is information missing in your envelope, you will be asked via e-mail to complete such information the following week. If this is not done, the application will be cancelled.  

8. Application for the vacancy will officially start with the delivery of the full folder at the school’s reception and once the confirmation message has been received. 


Registration and presentation of documents: Please contact the admission area  at this email address

As the process moves forward, we will be communicating the dates of family interviews and the results.


Payment for vacancy application

The fee for the Candidate Application Process is S/. 310.00 (soles). This payment is not refundable.

The picture of the voucher should be sent by email to 
and indicating the name of the student, the name of the parent or responsible for the payment and to which grade you are  applying. The photocopy of the voucher also must be presented when you deliver your documentation (in a folder). This voucher is the only proof of payment.

Payment can be made at the following banks:

Banks          Checking accounts
Interbank            046-2263434414
BCP                   193-1461276-0-62
Scotiabank          000-9765573

BBVA                  0011-0384-53-0100044624

Inquiries may be addressed to

Family interviews 

According to priority criteria and availability of vacancies, the school will get in touch with the families via e-mail to give them an appointment to attend a family interview.  The school will not offer any additional appointments or give reports to those families who have not been called to an interview.

Both parents must attend the interview. If they miss it, the family will lose the chance to continue with the application process, as there will be no re-programming of appointments, and, according to the priority criteria, the opportunity will be given to another family.

Inquiries and appointments

Any inquiries must be presented in writing and will be dealt with only on appointment  and within deadlines.

After delivery of the documentation and/or interview, parents will need to wait for the school to contact them. Once the interview has been held, parents will not be given the chance to have another appointment, and no inquiries will be answered via e-mail until the process is finished. A list of the families who have obtained a vacancy will be published in our webpage.  There will be neither appointments nor reports for those families who were not able to obtain a vacancy.

Waiting list and new vacancies

Availability of vacancies will be regularly updated.  Any new vacancies will be assigned according to the priority criteria.

In the event that any vacancies become available, the school will get in touch with those families who successfully completed the process (full documentation and interview) but were unable to obtain a vacancy, so that they can be included in a waiting list.

Payment of entry fee

Payment for entry fee for the 2020 Admission process is S/. 27,500 (soles). Under no circumstance will this fee be refunded.

Families who have obtained a vacancy must pay the entry fee within seven working days from the date they receive a confirmation e-mail stating they have obtained such vacancy. Any inquiry can be addressed to the Bursar’s Office  (, before the deadlines.

The vacancy will be reserved once the entry fee has been paid. Those vacancies not paid for will be assigned to the next candidate in the waiting list. 

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